Thursday, September 12, 2019

Sausage gravy

Sausage gravy


I've made sausage gravy for many years.. I simply cook the sausage, then leave it in the pan - if after it cooks down it gives you enough pan drippings (about 1/4 C. for 4 to 6 servings), just use the pan drippings, then add in an equal amount of flour and stir to soak up the drippings - then add in the liquid, stirring constantly to blend and keep from lumping. I do not remove the sausage, just add the flour to the sausage and drippings and cook smooth and thickened to your liking. I season with white pepper - because we like a peppery flavored gravy. A one pan, easy breakfast and always a requested meal from my family when they are home for breakfast - and especially on camping trips!
This was a solid recipe. One thing that should be noted: remove the sausage from the pan and keep the drippings to make the roux. You won't be able to whisk it properly with the sausage in there. And why pour all the drippings down the sink when you are adding butter to the pan? Just use the drippings a little butter to make the roux. Once the gravy is thick and bubbly, add the sausage back in. Also, I used Pillsbury frozen biscuits. Just pop them in the oven. Yum!
Not sure why everyone is having a hard time finding the biscuit link for this recipe but here it is.

Best gravy recipe for biscuits I've found. I doubled the amount of milk and sausage and used 3 Tbs. flour to make a roux. Although I like canned biscuits, I don't think it goes well with biscuit and gravy recipes. You need to use homemade biscuits which is so easy to find by doing a search. This one goes into my recipe book.
Funny I thought I came into here for biscuit recipes not just gravy ‘and pour over biscuits’
Perfect gravy for biscuits or toast.

I’ve made this gravy twice now and it’s really good. Perfect gravy to go with your favorite biscuit recipe! I make it with extra black pepper and double the sausage. We love it! For the biscuit recipe, you can sub the self rising flour by using all purpose and adding a bit of salt and a teaspoon more of baking powder. Otherwise, it’s a straight forward yummy recipe.

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